How We Help?

What can we all do for Tibet?

This product provides a clear answer to that question. Tea Tibet: it is good and does good.

Giving to others is the only solution to satisfying the hunger to do good or to quenching a thirst for justice. These days, socially-minded investors and executives are finding more and more ways to direct profits toward achieving humanitarian goals.  Tea Tibet was launched in early 2013 using the finest organic, fair traded teas from the foothills of the Himalayas. Since then we have reached  out to those investors who have a demonstrated commitment to Tibet.

Our goal is to contribute to the preservation of Tibetan culture, while concurrently supplying Tibetan children with the best care and education possible. Our responsibility to each child does not end at any point but continues for life with many of our children pursuing advanced degree studies and always connected to the roots that they have established in the Tibetan Home of Hope community. You are investing in a worthy goal each time you purchase our tea. Now you are part of the solution.