What is Darjeeling Tea?

Sometimes called the champagne of teas, Darjeeling is a black tea grown in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains and has a light, delicate flavor and aroma when brewed. Like all black teas, Darjeeling tea leaves are rolled and then oxidized, or fermented, before being ready to use. The leaves are rich in many different bioactive compounds, including several that may have significant health benefits.

Prevents Aging And Cellular Damage

Darjeeling blends have abundance of antioxidants that can eliminate toxins, neutralize chemical compounds and fight free radicals at the time of digestion. These antioxidants prevent aging, cellular damage and lessen risk of chronic diseases.

Reduces Propensity Of Cancer

Polyphenolic compounds in Darjeeling brews help in preventing cancer. They restrict tumor development. They have anti-mutagenic properties which reduce cellular mutation frequency.  

Beneficial To Bones

Another benefit of consuming Darjeeling is it increases bone density. Research has found that women consuming Darjeeling blends have 3% greater bone density than the ones who do not drink tea. Bone density loses at a slow pace in tea drinkers.

Lessens Gastric Ailments

Darjeeling brews are also good as a preventive measure against gastric illness. Person suffering from gastric ulcer must start consuming this blend at once. It gives relief from an inflamed stomach and kills harmful bacteria worsening gastric. 

Promote Weight Loss

This beverage is an ideal healthy drink for weight conscious drinkers. This tea has low calorie and helps in burning fat. However, this drink is rich in caffeine and hence, gives enough energy for physical activities.   

Promotes Healthy Heart

Darjeeling tea regularly will certainly prevent heart problems. This blend contains polyphenols that increase flow of blood and lowers LDL cholesterol oxidation. Darjeeling teas have a flavonoid that lowers heart attacks.

Strengthens Immunity System

You can get rid of common ailments like colds and flu by consuming Darjeeling blends once every day. Theanine present in Darjeeling blends strengthens immunity system. This, in turn, boosts body’s response to combat infections.

Lowers Parkinson’s Disease  

Parkinson’s diseases are neurodegenerative diseases that usually affect aged people. Young generations are also affected by this disease because of stress, unhealthy lifestyle, poor food habits and bad habits. Research says that drinking Darjeeling blends offer neuro-protective impacts. The antioxidant compounds prohibit cellular damage from free radicals.